The GenOMICC study

GenOMICC is an open, collaborative, global community of doctors and scientists trying to understand and treat critical illness. Partners in the study have been recruiting patients since 2016 to study emerging infections (SARS/MERS/Flu), sepsis, and other forms of critical illness. It is the largest study of its kind anywhere in the world.

GenOMICC, in partnership Genomics England, Illumina and the NHS, now aims to sequence the genomes of thousands of patients severely ill with coronavirus. The genomes will be analysed with the aim of understanding how a person’s genetics may influence their susceptibility to the virus.

This data, from the person’s own genome, will be linked to the virus genome data provided via COG-UK. This may provide unique insights into how the patient and virus genomes act together to influence the patient’s response to the infection, and will help inform and improve responses to future outbreaks.

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