Integration with metadata

Several projects will improve linkage and integration of genomes with metadata to enhance the pandemic response.

  • Northern Ireland will further improve the integration of genomes and contract tracing data for outbreak control.
  • The University of Liverpool aims to link data from COG-UK and Cheshire and Merseyside’s Combined Intelligence for Public Health Action (CIPHA) dashboard.
  • The University of Exeter plans to implement models to infer transmission directionality during hospital-associated infection.
  • The University of Portsmouth will integrate viral genomics data from COG-UK, and from the Sequencing and Tracking of Phylogeny in COVID-19 (STOP COVID-19) programme run jointly with Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, with health records from the Portsmouth Academic Consortium for Investigating COVID-19 (PACIFIC-19) and clinical outcome data from patients on ICUs at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust, in order to advance understanding of COVID-19 clinical severity and nosocomial transmission on the south coast.
  • Public Health Scotland will improve data linkage and data flows in Scotland.