COG-UK Governance

COG-UK Governance

The governance structure is designed to ensure good ethical practice at all levels, optimise the coordination of activities and help deliver the goals of the consortia. The Director provides leadership and works closely with the Steering Group who have the responsibility of managing the whole programme and communicating with the funders. The Managerial Group look after the operational component of the consortia and work with the different partners to deliver data and facilitate analysis. The Governance group provides independent advice and guidance to the Director. The Consortia agreement together with the Terms of References for each group define function and provide a legal framework.

Steering Group

All significant strategic and operational matters relating to Research will be decided upon by the Steering Group unless specifically provided otherwise in this Partnership Agreement.  The Chair of The Steering Group is the PI Sharon Peacock. The Steering Group may put in place any structure to effectively manage the Research and hence the consortia. This group also signs off any reports to SAGE. The group provides support to Public Health England and hence the Department of Health and Social Care and wider Government in delivering its objectives and functions for public health protection, including by building an evidence base for public health policy.

  • Professsor Sharon Peacock (chair)
  • Dr Meera Chand (PH England)
  • Professor Tom Connor  (PH Wales)
  • Professor Matt  Holden (PH Scotland)
  • Professor Tim Wyatt (PH Ireland)
  • Professor Gordon Dougan
  • Professor Emma Thomson
  • Professor Andrew Rambaut
  • Professor Dominic Kwiatkowski
  • Professor Judy Breur
  • Professor Nick Loman
  • Professor John Danesh
  • Professor Mark Caulfield
  • Professor Kenneth Smith
  • Professor Patrick Maxwell
  • Dr Ewan Harrison (Operations Manager)

Management Group

The management team is headed by the Operations Manager Ewan Harrison, who has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the management team. The management team are composed of scientists, clinicians and administrators who work together with the Operations Manager and the COG-UK Director to ensure smooth running of the project. The composition of the Management group will include both staff employed on the COG-UK, University of Cambridge employees and individuals who are seconded from other parts of COG-UK to write reports, deliver communications or help with finances and data management.

Governance Group

The role of the Governance and Advisory Group is to provide as far as possible independent advice and opinion to the Director. The group will consider the key risks, deliverables and strategic goals of COG-UK. They will consider the overall governance and operational structure. They will advise on the status of the risk register and will work through topics of current interest to COG-UK, particularly those that might represent increasing risk or strategic opportunity. They will not be involved in executive decision making but are free to comment on this. The risk register will be managed by the Chair and made available to the Steering Group and Delivery Partners.

  • Professor Gordon Dougan (Chair)
  • Professor Sharon Peacock
  • Professor Stephen Caddick
  • Professor Deenan Pillay
  • Professor Doreen Cantrell
  • Dr Ewan Harrison
  • Ms Sophie Palmer (Secretariat)

Delivery partners

The Delivery Partners are institutions that are participating in COG-UK and who are to receive funding. These Partners are responsible for generating and/or storing COG-UK data and provide the expertise for analysis.

Project Management

Dr Ewan Harrison, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Tasking Cell

Dr Catherine Ludden, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Clinical and Virology Working Group

Lead: Professor Judy Breuer, University College London

Sample Logistics Working Group

Lead: Dr Ewan Harrison, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Metadata and Patient Linkage/Epidemiology/Health Informatics Working Group

Lead: Dr Michael Chapman, Health Data Research UK Cambridge

Sequencing Working Group

Lead: Dr Josh Quick, University of Birmingham

Data/Bioinformatics Working Group

Lead: Dr Tom Connor, Cardiff University and Public Health Wales NHS Trust

Modelling, Phylogenetics and Display Working Group

Lead: Professor Andrew Rambaut, University of Edinburgh

Public Health Interpretation Working Group

Lead: Dr Meera Chand, Public Health England