Learn more about the consortium's upcoming and past events, seminars and workshops

Upcoming Events

11th August, 2021

Covid Connections: Big data in a pandemic world — how our data defies travel restrictions

With such vast pools of information, we’ll explore how co-operation, sharing and trust across communities and borders is key to making sense of it all.

23rd September, 2021

Women in COG: in conversation with Dr Magdalena Skipper

On Thursday 23rd September, at 12:15 – 13:00 BST, we will be hosting our next ‘Women in COG’ event, featuring Dr Magdalena Skipper, the Editor in Chief of Nature.

Past Events

15th July, 2021

Women in COG: in conversation with Angela Douglas MBE

On Thursday 15th July, at 12:15 – 13:00 BST, we hosted our next ‘Women in COG’ event, featuring Angela Douglas MBE, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer for NHS England and NHS Improvement.

14th July, 2021

Covid Connections: From Mild to Mortal — Unlocking the Mystery of COVID-19 Symptoms

One of the mysteries of COVID-19 is the vastly different ways it can affect peoples’ health. We explore how genomics is helping to understand our susceptibility to the virus.

17th June, 2021

Women in COG: in conversation with Professor Judith Breuer

On Thursday 17th June, we hosted our second ‘Women in COG’ event, featuring Professor Judith Breuer from University College London. 

9th June, 2021

Covid Connections: When does a variant become a villain?

With announcements of new variants of the coronavirus appearing more and more in the headlines, what exactly is changing and when do changes become concerns?

20th May, 2021

Women in COG: in conversation with Dr Charlotte Summers

On the 20th May 2021, we hosted our inaugural ‘Women in COG’ event, featuring Dr Charlotte Summers.

12th May, 2021

Covid Connections: Shedding Light on the Invisible

We explore the pervasive role genomics has played in understanding the virus, tracking its spread and developing novel vaccines.

26th March, 2021

COG-UK Science Showcase Event

On Friday 26th March, 1pm – 3.30pm, we hosted our second Science Showcase Event, featuring a range of thought-provoking talks from several speakers across the consortium.

16th December, 2020

COG-UK Science Showcase Event

Thank you to all the speakers, chairs, attendees and organisers of the very first COG-UK Showcase Event: SARS-CoV-2 sequencing to inform clinical care, public health interventions and policy decisions.