Professor Ravindra Gupta

Having completed his medical undergraduate studies at Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Professor Ravi Gupta pursued a Masters in Public Health at Harvard as a Fulbright scholar. Upon return he trained in infectious diseases in Oxford and London (UCLH, Hospital for Tropical Diseases) and completed his PhD at UCL on Lentiviral evasion of antiretrovirals and innate immune responses. He established his research group at UCL in 2011 working on genetics and biology of HIV resistance and reservoirs and was promoted to full professor in 2016. Gupta’s interest in HIV intrahost viral evolution has extended to SARS-CoV-2 where his group is undertaking detailed dynamics of virus populations following antibody-based therapy in immune compromised individuals. The lab has also worked with characterising the virology of key spike protein mutations in new variants and their impact on natural and vaccine induced immunity.

Image credit: Jane Stockdale