Professor Judith Breuer

Professor Judith Breuer is a COG-UK Principal Investigator at the University College London where she is a Professor of Virology. Research in her lab focuses on the application of next generation sequencing and phylogenetics to virus diagnostics and discovery. Her laboratory has pioneered whole pathogen genome sequencing directly from clinical material using targeted enrichment methods which obviate the need for prior amplification by culture or PCR, and have established the method as an automated high-throughput pipeline with associated bioinformatics. Her lab at Great Ormond Street were the first in the UK to introduce metagenomics for the identification of viruses in cases of encephalitis and are now using this routinely on many specimens. Professor Breuer is PI on Wellcome trust collaborative award exploring why noroviruses cause pandemics. She is Chief Investigator of the COG-UK Hospital Onset COVID-19 Infections (HOCI) study.